just shadows

just shadows

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


today was a sleepy day,,,dunno why suddenly wanna go there and take some air and refresh our mind....so stop by and take some picture on those antik

Friday, October 8, 2010


HERE show u how my dog sleeps...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

my art

here some of my beautiful picture....

girls,i love girls

do this cute,,,i love girls alot but not dolls,i want a real de asap....dunno when can i get it...waiting,god bless me,pls

Broga hill make me strong

thank you to all my best and fat friend that wake up so early together with me that day,,really appriciate it so much...we having a fun morning starting with a oilly chau kuew tiew at yee heng seremban...no worry,no1 get hurt from that...i think i no need say much bout broga hill anymore here coz the place was so famous in fb alr nowadays...oic,you asking bout the post of the second pic?we just wanna show ourself to the world that fat guys with tummy may still strong in mind....

all my clock'ss

this is all my clockzz,why clockzz,,coz all diameter of those is almost 5cm...that why all my friend say that i wearing clockzz on hand...hahahaha.what a joke.but i like it


THIs restoran really suckzz...this is the last time for me in my life..why?
coz u gonna wait 30minutes just to get an order,30 more to tell you that ur roti is coming soon but not now....roti reach at the end of the hour ...do u have this kind of time,just wasted for a roti canai...?then lastly when you had no mood anymore to enjoy the food,we decide to kira!!then the staff there tell you wait,boss belum balik.so how do u think?
this restoran is just beside the cimb bank at jusco seremban2...so help a hand,,,lapar for roti canai..dun go there,sure regret.

ada alza ,ada gaya

few day later i got this,,end up living the old behind..ppl asking why i buy this...and i answer.i going to be a married men soon..this is fit.2days later i when to see a old fren old my to cc got any rims that suit my new girl,,so here is some pic i take...give some comment,which is suit..thx

accident on baby

actually this happen last month,but just lazy and no mood to upload it.my baby girl gonna go and make over again...what a sad.but now she got a better looking with her new paint and bumper too...so i put her in rest .coz i got another baby girl just after the day...is just a small car that fits 7 ppl..is alza.ppl say ada alza.ada gaya...hahahaha

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

new toy in my life

act that i was so happy de,coz i got a new toy for myself that day,but god bless me with a sweating hand that so sensative on all those touch screen...had tested it 2 day,but lastly letting it go,cox i cant touch it sometime...but this gadget really quit affortable for those who wanna get a mini size laptop that preloaded with phone,wifi ,3g and running on the lastest software of android that able to be a competitor of i pad as well.is only with the price rm 1699

all my best ever had.........

here is all my best buddy that i ever had in my whole life,we all are talking bout,team work ....that why i call us skl sdn bhd from seremban

drift day in melaka

here where we 3 person so bored,and we decide to go melaka to enjoy the drift challenge,actually we wanna see those car in crash,but dunno who bring us bad luck,,not even a car crash in that whole day make us bored...but is such a good day to meet and take picture with tengku ,the best drifter in malaysia,,,worth to pay rm 20 for that per pax....

i city with my love and sisters

is really a nice scene there even is abit bored if u were not really know how to enjoy those lightning trees that blinking all around u..but my love and i was so happy and enjoying the lights for that few shorts hours...here some pic for u all...

BBQ ON 2010...

here some pic for u all.

almost around 30 ppl on that day,but unfortunately if a rainy day,but that didnt stop us from enjoying that happy 9 at all.

some of them is just drunk themself

this myself,so cute sometime,but sometime so so hai.....he is the men-simon wong.the 1 who never change his name forever.