just shadows

just shadows

Monday, August 31, 2009


31 august seems to be a happy day for everyone in malaysia cause it bring us holiday.then i had gather few of my frens eat dim sum at this sucks restoran=weng heong.i not confirm with the spelling of this restoran is correct,so i do double confirm with u all.it just opposite of the school of smk bukit mewah,seremban,ns,malaysia.

this my fren kf.lim,where he giving a sign of thumbs down for this slow service,food ma ma tey,and time wasting restoran.why do i say so?see the pic below

after we had wait for half an hour long,this is the only dish we had,,not more the 2 plate,,is this what we deserve as consumer.this mean u will only going there to have food if u have more then 3 hour for your breakfast,then u may try to go there to waste your very sweet time.plus we end up paying a high price just to rent their chairs there....if u dun wanna waste your money and time,go others place for dim sum,im sure better then this placeconclusion on this restoran=bad taste of food,slow on service