just shadows

just shadows

Sunday, June 21, 2009

ray ban,die hard fans

ray ban is just another item that i will talk in this nice title .i think most of us were wear sunglasses

,but i dunno what brand that you all will wear now adays,but i would only wear those with brand and guarantee quality,just like ray ban,u can compare those sunglases selling in streets and the branded.there is a big differents in quality.for those who drive alot,i recomended ray ban is the best choice.coz is big enough to cover what you have to see,plus old scool style was just what i love the most.

this another ray ban that i had add to my own collections,it may a bit old fesyen.but is depending on what style that u love.hard to find in market now adays,but is really meaningful and satisfied me.try ray ban today,and u may feel the differents.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

de palma hotel in kuala selongor

this where i do my unexpected event and we get unexpected chances here in de palma hotel located in kuala selangor,kl.this hotel really poor in facilities itself,you may see how big is the pool the next pic that i will upload,and u may laugh on it too.i think.
this was the pool that i mention justnow,i think this was not a pool.is just too small to fit in adult ppl.
this is what so unexpected that i mention just now,temple that just nearby to de palma hotel located in such a small town was so beatiful and colourful.we cant hold ,and stop to take a look while we was on the way to find some delicious food to eat .after we had take some picture and clear look on that,we continue our journey to start finding some good stuff nearby.
just a corner after carlos had start his car,we do saw a seafood rest,infront of us.so we decide to stop by and take a lunch over there.seafood over there was not delicious,but 1 of a recomended is what had we call(shark meat curry)damn nice till 4 of us can stop our mouth.after all this,gonna continue back to work as normal till midnight and back to sbn.....so ,ask me were is the location is you past by kuala selangor next time if you wish to see the unic temple or try the shark meat over the place....